A Fictional Tale Aboard Titanic's Forgotten Sister the Olympic


Elaine Marie Gallagher, RN, PhD, originally hails from Saskatchewan, Canada. Following an award-winning academic career, she finally had time to devote to her first novel – Sisterships – a tale about the Titanic and her forgotten sister the Olympic. Her close childhood relationship with her grandmother, Betsy Oakes, was the inspiration for the book, an historical novel that is replete with stories told to her by Betsy and intriguing facts gained from over 40 years of background research. She currently resides in Victoria BC.

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"But if she was somewhat ill prepared for nanny service, she had been even less prepared for the affection the master of the house began to bestow upon her. The longer his wife barricaded herself away from the family, the lonelier he became, and soon Betsy found herself sitting by his side next to the fireplace night after night, once the wee one was secure in her cradle." - Sisterships